Dr. Triantafyllos Bourass

A minimally invasive revision spine case can lead to many challenges including an increased risk of a dural tear, which is more difficult to repair than in the case of a conventional approach. We have recently introduced the use of the CADISS system in a few cases of recurrent herniated discs. The first impression is […]

Dr. Bruno Deben

« The CADISS® allowed easy isolation of the median nerve in this carpal canal revision case. The CADISS® can also be used for any revision surgery (tenolysis revision, Dupuytren (primary or revision), lumbar spine revision, …) »

Dr. Philippe Etienne

« Second convincing trial on September 21, 2022 with a complicated case of a Dupuytren « invasive » causing a flessum of 90 ° of the PIP and 40 ° of the MP of a 5th ray. Very good facilitation, objectified, of dissection between the epidermal plane and the fibrous cords. After release of these skin flaps, there […]

Pr. Philippe Lefebvre

« The CADISS® system is easy to use and facilitates the surgery of chronic otitis media. There is less risk to damage organs and the cholesteatoma can be removed en bloc limiting the risk of relapses. The duration of surgeries is significantly reduced. »

Pr. Roberto Albera

« CADISS® makes the dissection easier, faster and more effective. The cholesteatoma seemed to immediately loosing grip from the tissues and OCR after a minute, or less, from the immersion. »

Dr. Xavier Collard

« Patients who undergo for spine revision surgery with epidural fibrosis in which CADISS® is used intraoperatively present better intraoperative and perioperative parameters. The surgical difficulty and the incidence of dural tears and intraoperative bleeding from epidural veins are significantly reduced. »

Pr. Marta Sandoval

« CADISS has become an important instrument for my daily surgery to deal with tympanic membrane retractions, primary and recurrence of middle ear cholesteatomas. It is an easy instrument to use and helps remove the whole disease form the middle ear. Looking forward to get more experience with it! »

Dr. Michel Triffaux

« At first I was septic but after using the CADISS it really helps in spinal revision surgery which is always a challenge for the surgeon. »

Pr. Manuele Casale

« Very useful tool in ENT surgery. It could have various new applications. »