An innovative surgery system

Selective dissection is the art of separating tissues along cleavage planes.

The CADISS® system is a patented medical device intended to facilitate certain critical dissection steps when there is a risk of damaging organs such as nerves, veins or muscles or leave pathologic material in the body.

It responds to a proven need, as evidenced by the fact that it was originally invented by surgeons.

How does it work?

CADISS® is based on the combination of mechanical surgical instruments with the topical application of a chemical substance. This chemical substance breaks selectively disulphide bridges in proteins responsible in part for the adherence of two different tissues to each other (e.g. a pathological tumour tissue to the surrounding healthy tissue). The chemical substance is a formulation of the drug Mesna adapted to surgery, which is harmless to the tissues themselves.

The CADISS® system is complementary to conventional mechanical techniques (e.g. which dissect tissues by tearing or cutting). It is also complementary to electric and laser knives, which cut indifferently all tissues, including nerves, veins or muscles.

Significant benefits 

For surgeons

Easier dissections

Time savings

For patients

Reduced risks of surgery side effects or relapses due to damages to healthy tissues.

Reduced risks of relapse from cysts or tumours.

What do we provide?

The CADISS® system comprises a disposable cartridge, which prepares the Mesna solution for use in surgery, and irrigated surgical instruments adapted to the different procedures in open and minimally invasive configurations.

Two kits are available:

The remote kit, containing a cartridge and tubing. To be used with the remote pump (not illustrated) and irrigated instruments. Dispensing is controlled by a foot pedal.

The manual kit, containing a cartridge, a tubing and a manual dispenser. To be used with irrigated instruments. Dispensing is controlled by the hand piece. (not illustrated)