The CADISS® System is a novel line of medical devices for the selective dissection of pathological tissues and fibrosis. The system is able to facilitate many surgical procedures while preserving critical organs such as nerves, muscles or vessels.


For Surgeons

Easier selective dissection of pathological tissues – Dissection of fibrosis

For Patients

Less surgery side effects

Less relapses from tumour resection


For Healthcare

Less complications

Time & Cost savings

Discover our CADISS® System

CADISS® is a method of selective dissection based on the combination of irrigated mechanical dissectors with the topical application of a solution of the drug Mesna.

The CADISS® System is not intended to replace existing dissection systems but rather to supplement them in those tissue dissection steps where :

  • Conventional mechanical dissection is difficult due to the adherence between the tissues.
  • Risks of side effects from non-selective cutting instruments such as electric or laser knives are significant.

The CADISS® System is CE market in class III for ENT and Musculoskeletal surgery.

Additional clinical trials are on-going to support extension to additional surgery indications.


> ENT surgery *

Middle Ear (Chronic Otitis) 

The use of CADISS® System for any surgery where the mesna solution could be in contact with the brain, such as acoustic neuroma/vestibular schwannoma surgery or in presence of brain herniation into the mastoid, is strictly contraindicated.


Epidural, nerves, tendons & muscles fibrosis

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